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MSEA Parental Engagement Program

The MSEA program is divided into two steams, MSEA Children's and MSEA Parenting.
Both streams empower families to build skills and develop strategies to support the emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of children.

This program aims to empower migrant parents and particularly  women from African heritage to strengthen parenting practices, and behaviors, such as practicing positive discipline techniques, providing a nurturing home environment for their children to grow physically, emotionally , mentally and socially.


These will run on a weekly basis for all migrant parents/carers or guardians. Sessions will be focusing on how to nurture our children to become leaders in the near future.


Due to the current restrictions and lock-downs in Melbourne, the Parenting Program will be run online until further notice from the State Government. 


Future Plans for Parenting Program will be running information sessions in local schools or the North Richmond Precinct, with more interacting activities. 

Register to Attend

To register for the Parental Engagement Program just click the button below!

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