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Migrant Strengthening, Engagement and Arts (MSEA)

The MSEA program empowers families to build skills and develop strategies to support the emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of children. In this program, creative workers from Mzuri Dance facilitate a range of workshops, activities and performances featuring African drumming, singing, creative dance and Afrobeat at West Richmond Primary School. Participants are primarily members of the African Australian community of the North Richmond housing estate, and this program was developed following collaborations with local families to identify key areas of need.

MSEA -performance.jpg

MSEA aims to strengthen families’ connection and belonging within their community, while gaining skills to manage stress, strengthen social connectedness and improve student school attendance. Through participation in this program, it is anticipated that children will:

  • Improve their physical health and wellbeing;

  • Build social and cross-cultural skills;

  • Have an avenue to express emotions;

  • Celebrate their cultural diversity; and

  • Create greater connection to their learning environment.


By involving parents in these workshops, as well as hosting performances for families and the community, MSEA helps to break down the barrier of school engagement for parents. In collaboration with the Nurturing Future Leaders program, parents are empowered to take an active role in the schooling of their children. 


Are you interested in becoming involved with MSEA?

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